About Pivotal Building Services

Pivotal Building Services Pty Ltd have a diverse range of experienced and qualified personal and performed both huge and small projects not just across the territory but across the nation. Our management core includes our General Manager, Andrew Hall, over 26 years experience in the construction industry and is supported by a team including Stuart Crompton our Construction Manager, over 60 years experience and Andrew Browett, our Project Manager. In addition our wider team includes site supervisors, labourers and accounts who all contribute and have the same core values as the company.

Andrew and Stuart have been building in the territory for a decade but a few years ago decided to make a fulltime commitment to the top end and moved all of Pivotal Building Services operations to the territory, we still have 50 or so years to go to be fully fledged locals but are definitely territory proud and in it for the long haul.

We believe in diversity and the interchange of ideas and concepts that cross over between different sectors and geographic locations. Pivotal Building Services have experience and welcomes work in most sectors of the broader industry and specifically including:

  • Home building – NT Only
  • Granny flats – NT Only
  • Commercial construction – NT Only
  • Consultancy – NT, Queensland and New South Wales
  • Development – NT Only

We are open to traditional forms of lump sum contracting as well as other forms of contracting including construction management, design and construction, cost plus, cost plus guaranteed maximum price and so. You can be sure no matter what you situation that there is a method of contracting that will suit.

We like a co-operative approach and where we can, particularly on complex jobs or renovations we like to have an open book policy so clients can see exactly what they are getting and where the money is being spent. It can be an awful situation where builders and their clients take on adversarial roles and one we like to avoid, so we work hard to have a co-operative and collaborative relationship with our clients.

Pivotal Building Services has accreditation to perform government work and undergone a thorough examination to get CAL accreditation.

All our residential building work is covered by statutory guarantees including 20 years for structural defects.

Each of our residential and commercial projects has an energy efficiency report performed and we make sure that we more than comply with the reports requirements and provide a more sustainable home in the longer term.